the Risk Of Love Is Loss

The Risk Of Love Is Loss,
And The Price Of Loss Is Grief
The Pain Of Grief
Is Only A Shadow
When Compared With The Pain
Of Never Risking Love . . . 

one Of The Best

One Of The Best
Feelings In The
World Is When
You Are Hugging The Person
You Love
They Hug You Back Even
"TIGHTER" . . . ^_^ ♥ 

World cup pakistan zindabad

*World Cup Ka Lashkar Hy Tayyar,

Rehnuma Hy Jis Ka Waqar,

Pathan Hy Jis Ka Sardar,

Bowler Hy Jis Ka Taiz Raftaar,

Duae'n Hy Jin K Sath Hazaar,

Jeet K Laana Hy World Cup Is Baar! =)

=>Pakistan Zindabad<=

American rental power

We dont want American Rental Power we want Electricity.

IN PAKISTAN electricity now rs. 7 per unit nd it wil b increasing after every 2 months regarding to AMERICAN IMF Polices.
IRAN is agree to give da electricity on urgent base to PAKISTAN on very cheap rates (1.18 per unit)
also CHINA ofers PAKISTAN for Flectricity just 300 rupes monthly bill& unlimited usage of electricity but our govt. is not taking seriously.

Now this is our time to show da govt. our strength.
Spread dis msg as much as u can bcoz of this msg many people know about da truth of govt.
expensive polices..
Our govt. is corrupt.

Baadl0n ki aagosh mein

Baadl0n Ki Aagosh Mein

Doobta Hua Chaand

Weeran Sarkei'n

Peele Pat'te

Duur Kahi'n Udaas Darakht

Khushk Hawa

Namm Aankhei'n

Lab Khamosh

Khaali Haath

Toot'ti Umeedei'n

Behty Sapne

Damagatey Raste

Dhundli Yaadei'n

Aise Mein

Akela Main Aur Teri Yaad . . .
G o.() d
n I g h T 

Ibtida hotere naam k sath

Ibtida Ho Kuch Is Tarha Se Tere Naam K Sath.

~*~ Ae ALLAH ~*~

K Din Guzar Jay Teri Rehmato'n K Nazool Mein.


Subha-Ba-Khair !!

All of us have bad

All of us have bad luck and good luck. The man who persists through the bad luck - who keeps right on going - is the man who is there when the good luck comes - and is ready to receive it. 

Love is heat

Love is heat.
You are sweet.
When two Lips are meet.
Love is complete

SAAb Pakistanio'n Se Appeal

Sab Pakistanio'n Se Appeal
Hy k
Agar Wo Khud Haar Jaye'n
Tou Us k Baad Kisi Aur Team
Ko Support Ker k Us Team Ka
Baira-Gharak Na Kare'n . . .


Sangakara =P =D 

Dedicated 2 my lovely Friends!

Dedicated to my lovely Friends!

Hazaron Maslay Hain Jo Mujhe Masroof Rakhtay Hain

Magar Tum log Aisay "Dheet" Ho K Phir Bhi Yaad Aatay Ho.:-) 

Sweet Flirt:

Sweet Flirt:
Boy: Why Don't U Had A Boyfriend Yet?

Girl: Am Not Allowed To Have A Boyfriend,
Why Don't U Have A Girlfriend..?
Boy: Cuz U R Not Allowed To Have A Boyfriend Yet...!

A School Held

A School Held A
Contest For Kids
With A Theme:

"The Nicest thing
...My Dad Ever Did For
Me ... !"

Award Winning
Sweet Answer Was:
MOM " ... =]
Contest For Kids
With A Theme:

"The Nicest thing
...My Dad Ever Did For
Me ... !"

Award Winning
Sweet Answer Was:
MOM " ... =]

FARAZ Sahab Frmte Hy

FARAZ Sahab Frmte Hy

Shair Likh Likh Kr Mri Hath Ki Nus Jam H0gai

Mri Aqal O Himat Nakam H0gai

Kya Ab B K0i Nhi Btyega


Munni Aapa Q Badnam H0gai ;->

Exam k liye

Exam k liye har book perhli mene FARAZ,
Dua hai 'FACE'BOOK se bhi koi sawaal ajaye..! :-D

Love is a dream

Love is a dream
Its gone as we wake up
Leaving some moments
To be cherished

...Love is like a wind
It embraces us with passion
leaving the scent of fresh flowers
tingling our mind

Love is like a water bubble
Beautiful to see from far
Even rainbows are visible
But a tender touch will break it
Leaving a refreshing sprinkle

Love resembles a shadow
We try to escape but it follow
At times it makes us hollow
It disappears with the sun
And leave us in the Nights
To Haunt all over again



Kuch Yadei'n Chorh Ker
Zindagi Ki Ek Aur Eid
Guzar Gayi
Koi Aisa Lamha Jo Ab
Dobara Nahi Kbhi Laut Kr
Nahi Aaye G

Enjoy Each Moment Of
Life :) 

Easter says

Easter says
you can put
truth in a grave,
but it won�t stay there.

smile is the 2nd best thing

Smile is the 2nd best thing U do with ur lips.
Of course you know the first one... :-D

It's keeping ur mouth shut. :-P

But I like the way U think! ;-) 

As The Candlelight Flame

As The Candlelight Flame
Ur Life May Always Be Happy,
As The Mountain High
U Move Without Shy,
As Sunshine Creates Morning Glory
Fragrance Fills Years As Flory,
All Darkness Is Far Away
As Light Is On Its Way.
Wishing U All A Very Happy Vijaya Dashami. 

It Is Time To Feel Good

It Is Time To Feel Good,
Time 4 Reunion,
Time 2 Share Happiness,
Time To Feel Being Loved,
Time 2 Show Ur Love,
Time 2 Live For Others And
Time To Wish For Peace.
HAPPY DIWALI. Cheeeeeers.

sorry means its not my fault

Sometimes Sorry Means
Its Not My Fault Its Urs,
Accept It , It Vl Make Me
Feel Better

...Sometimes Good Night Means
Don't Keep The Phone Down
I Wanna Talk More

Sometimes Bye Means
Plz ! Don't Let Me Go
I Wanna Stay

There Are Very Few People
Who Understands These
Unsaid Hidden Meaning
These Few People Are Found
Once In Ur Life ...
Value 'Em ... If You Don't
Wanna Loose Such GEMS

D e d ! c a t e d 

christmas 2010 gift suggestions

Christmas gift suggestions:
To your enemy, forgiveness.
To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heart.
To a customer, service.
To all, charity.
To every child, a good example.
To yourself, respect. 

An Inspiring Fact:

An Inspiring Fact:

"If you can still smile
when U R completely broken up,
there can B nothing that can break U next time!" 

my favorite mistake

M y
F a v o u r i t e
M i s t a k e
I s
T o
L () V E
Y o u
D e s p i t e
B e i n g
K n o w n
T h a t
I ' d
B e
H u r t . . . 

B e yourself

B e yourself
I nvite new challenges
R ecall past triumphs
rust your instincts
H ave faith in your abilities
D esire only the best
A ffirm your strengths
Y ou're got what it takes!! 

Tum rooth jaoo mujhse

Tum rooth jaoo mujhse
Aisa kabhi na karna
Main ik Nazar ko tarsun
Aisa kabhi na karna
Main Pooch Pooch haarun
So so sawaal kar ke
Tum kuch jawab na do
Aisa kabhi na karna
Mujhse hi milke hasna,Mujhse hi milke rona
Mujhse bichard ke jee lo
Aisa kabhi na karna
Tum chaand banke rehna
Main dekhta rahunga
Kisi roz tum na niklo
Aisa Kabhi na karna
Tum chale jaoo
Jab bhi to dekhun tumhara raasta

Tum loat ke na aaoo


jan tumake khub mone

Jan tumake khub mone porche, boloto kano tumar jonno amar erokom lage 

cute teady bear

.;"";. .;"";.
()"" ') '+, " ,+'
( ,'o')") "+,+"
(,,) )
Hello !...I...! !...MISS...! !...U...!

aj agr ap ko koi kahe k aap

Aj Agr Ap ko koi kahe k Aap

"SMART" or


To rakh k moun pe thapr dena

Or kehna

APRIL FOOL nahe mnaty ;-> 

turns one

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