[ Cinderella ]

I'm Standing On The Stairs In A Magnificent Hall

Wearing The Dress That I Bought For The Ball

It's Long And Flowing, Sparkling White

My Tiara Of Diamonds Shines In The Light

At The Bottom Of The Stairs You're Waiting For Me

And I Gracefully Float Down For All To See

You Take My Hand And Touch My Face

You're The Only One I Notice In The Expansive Space

We're Now Dancing In Shadows Of Flickering Light

Holding Each Other Close, Holding Each Other Tight

You Kiss My Neck And Then Touch My Face

Then Kiss My Lips In A Loving Embrace

Time Stands Still Whilst We Are Together

Feels So Good, It Seems Like Forever

I Look At The Clock, That Cannot Be Right

But The Bells Start To Chime, Confirming Midnight

But There's No Need To Leave
From The Ball Tonight

I'll Be With You My Prince
For The Rest Of Our Life . . . /

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